Hand Painted Wooden Cheeseboard featuring Wooden Mouse

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This is a wonderful gift for cheese lovers - a cheeseboard with its own resident mouse.

The mouse has been hand carved and painted for you, and the design on the cheeseboard is printed by hand using the unique process Cathy developed for printing on wood. It's an exceptional printing process that produces great strength of colour and crisp detailing.

We offer 48 different colours, so you can choose the one you love best.

The board is on a turntable, like a Lazy Susan, so it can rotate giving everyone easy access to all the different cheeses presented. It's made from solid birch with a metal fixing to form the turntable and a rubber grip on the base.

Two layers of lacquer leave the artwork well protected and waterproof. It can be washed up by hand or wiped clean and it cannot be put through the dishwasher. The lacquer can be damaged by knives, so we recommend you slice cheeses before serving them on the board.

It's about 39 cm in diameter and a little under 4 cm high; it weighs about 1.15kg.

As we hand print each item to order we like to have at least two weeks to make this for you, but we can usually accommodate rush orders of a few days if necessary. Send us a message with your order telling us when you need it by, or ask us now if you'd like to be sure before ordering. The postage costs are calculated at the checkout, but UK delivery on this item is usually £6.

I wonder if there are any cheese lovers you need to get a gift for?