Hand Painted Beech Wood Dishes with foliage motifs

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Hand painted wooden dishes with all sorts of flowers and foliage designs. They're rather seductive - you find yourself wanting a whole rainbow of them. They make lovely ornaments, or putting jewellery in; they're great for tapas or little serving or eating dishes. They're beech wood, hand turned and then hand printed with Cathy's illustrations. The design is created by leaving a little of the wood grain clear which makes rather a wonderful harmony between the natural patterns in the wood and the sensitive colours chosen. 

There are so many possible colour, pattern and size combinations that it's not really practical to list them on the website. My suggestion is drop us a message and we'll send a photograph of what's in stock at the moment, or tell us how many you would like of the three sizes, what colour scheme you want to work with and we'll send some suggestions and make some especially for you.

They're finished with 2 layers of our lovely lacquer so they won't pick up stains from oil or food. They make attractive hostess gifts or thank you presents, and if you start a collection of them you'll see how charmingly they build into a colourful display.

The hand turning creates slight variations in size and profile, but generally they measure around 11 x 2.5 cm and weigh about 75g.

There's no problem washing them up by hand (my niece has one that's been used and washed more than 500 times), but they shouldn't be put through the dishwasher. The lacquer isn't resilient enough to be exposed to knives at all, and metal spoons or forks can only be used very lightly.

As we hand print each item to order we like to have at least two weeks to make this for you, but we can usually accommodate rush orders of a few days if necessary. Send us a message with your order telling us when you need it by, or ask us now if you'd like to be sure before ordering. The postage costs are calculated at the checkout, but UK delivery on this item is usually £2.