Hand Painted Wooden Clock ~ Wreath Design

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We hand print the design on this charming wooden clock using a unique process developed by Cathy. It's an adaptation of the screen printing process so it produces wonderfully strong colours and crisp detailing. We can print in whatever colour you like, and our wood obsession has extended to producing special wood clock hands which we think add a rather wonderful finishing touch. 

This version has a sweet wreath in the centre, but you might also consider our designs with family or house names on. We list 48 colours for you to choose from, but if you're particularly colour obsessed (we understand), you can ask us to match your decor exactly. Drop us a note and we'll tell you more.

As we hand print each item to order we like to have at least two weeks to make this for you, but we can usually accommodate rush orders of a few days if necessary. Send us a message with your order telling us when you need it by, or ask us now if you'd like to be sure before ordering. Postage costs are calculated as you checkout, but UK delivery on this item is usually £6.

The clocks are made from solid birch. They're ideal for a fifth anniversary gift where it is traditional to give wooden items. They're just under 40cm in diameter and weigh about 1.3kg. They run on a digital clock mechanism that will require one AA battery.

As the hands are exposed they are vulnerable to being knocked which can effect their connection with the spindle that controls their turning. That shouldn't be an issue when it is hung on the wall, but you do need to treat it carefully when you unpack it and adjustments to the time must be made using the dial on the back, not by pushing the hands round.

Look through the pictures to see which colour would suit you best.