Large Hand Painted Bamboo Serving Bowl ~ Personalised with people's names

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We’re delighted to offer this personalised hand painted bowl for sale. Choose your own wording, choose your own colour.

It obviously makes a great gift ~ popular options are to include the names of everyone in the family, including pets if you wish, which makes a lovely celebration of a family.

You can use them as serving bowls when everyone comes together for a meal - they’re ideal for salad but they’re also perfectly happy to have hot foot put in them.

And they look rather wonderful used as a fruit bowl or pick a wonderful colour and place it somewhere as a decorative item.

They work well as Christmas presents or anniversary or new house gifts - we can make this in your choice of 48 different colours, so whether it’s for you or it’s a gift for someone else you can be sure it will suit its surroundings.

And we can also usually match colours exactly if there’s something particular you’d like to coordinate with.

The design is produced using the unique process developed by Cathy for printing on wood. We don’t think anyone else has figured out how to print on wood nearly so well so we’re definitely chuffed. The print mask is laid out by hand each time, so it’s easy for us to make unique pieces.

In an ideal world you’d give us two weeks to make this for you, but we can usually accommodate rush orders of a few days if necessary. Send us a message with your order telling us when you need it by, or ask us now if you'd like to be sure before ordering. The postage costs are calculated at checkout; UK delivery on this item is usually £4. 

The bowls are turned from bamboo, painted by hand and then coated with two layers of a lovely lacquer. It’s very strong but has hardly any sheen so the paint feels nicely matt and the artwork is well protected from stains or oils in food. They're pretty resilient - we tried pouring bubbling hot chilli in to one and that was no issue. They can be washed up by hand but they can’t be put through the dishwasher as they wouldn't survive the steam.

They measure around 28 x 13cm and weigh 750g.

Have a look through the photos and tell us what you like the look of.