About Hand Painted Woodware

In 2015 Cathy developed a unique process for printing on wood. It's an exceptional process that has made it possible to print very strong pigments with accurate detailing and so combine the beauty of wood with harmonious colours and elegant illustrations. 

This has grown in to a unique range of kitchen and houseware products, all printed by hand in our Devon studio.

Two layers of a strong and subtle lacquer protect the artwork and ensure the wood won't pick up stains or oil from foods. Everything can be washed up by hand but should not be put through the dishwasher.

In the studio we work with 120 different colours which we've limited here so as not to overwhelm you with choice! We're happy to offer more options though, so send us a message if you'd like us to match or co-ordinate with something particular.

Our production is a labour intensive process, which is reflected in the prices here. We hope you'll agree that the care and craftmanship is very evident in what we produce. 

Cathy Hilton Artisan Giftware Association Award British Craft Trade Fair

In 2017 The Giftware Association presented us with an Award for Excellence.

It's damn hard, in this day and age, to come up with anything really new and different, so we're very proud of both our technical innovations, the gorgeous range we've developed and how hard we work to provide skilled, considerate and professional service to our customers and community.