About Cathy


Cathy Hilton Artisan previous work

There's been a clear illustrative focus running through most of my career, though I've worked in a lot of different mediums (stained glass, stone, kinetic paper sculptures), but the technical analytical skills used to develop this new printing process come from the long-ago training within my degree in Industrial Design.

I’m obsessed with the part of the colour spectrum where blue meets green. …especially the tones where you can neither, in fact, declare ‘it is blue’, nor ‘it is green’.

And I'm loving running a growing business - there are so many challenges of entrepreneurship, and such a breadth of skills to master.

I very much enjoy life in Devon. It's an exquisite part of the world where it's easy to live close with nature.

I'm also a canoe addict - the flow and grace of the river is always a wonderful calming healthy influence. 

And the concept of Meraki is precious to me ~ Meraki is a modern Greek word that describes the love, creativity and soul that is put in to something as it is made. This is relevant to both craftmanship but also more general activities like cooking a meal, creating a home, raising children... To me meraki is so very tangible, I can feel it pulsing in other’s work and it is a fundamental quality in our hand printed woodware.